Birthday Fun!

Let Me Love You A Little More Before You Are Not Little Anymore

Time flies when you are having fun I guess!  I can't believe this little angel just turned four!!!  So, in honor of her birthday I decided to blog about her Third Birthday Session from last year.  It was such a fun session therefore that day is still fresh in my memory.  Evie came in like a rock star!  She made sure we had snacks and a drink for her.  She was a total little Diva!  She loved to play dress up and trying on all the Dollcake dresses and accessories I stock in my studio.  She occasionally took breaks to get a glimpse of The Jungle Book movie that was playing for her older brother while making sounds of approval of what was happening in the story.  She has a great little personality and she is not afraid of letting you know how she feels about anything and everything.  I loved capturing her silliness and love for life.  So this one is for you Evie!  Cheers to you little one!